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    Crate Blue VooDoo 120 watt head. All tube, super high gain, great metal/hard rock amp, in excellent condition. Comes with Groove Tubes. $300.

    Fender Roc Pro 1000 half stack. 100 watt solid state head, with a tube distortion channel. When I bought it used a few years ago, it didn't come with the front grill. I took that a step farther by cutting out a rectangle hole to mount my wireless receiver in. It's not much to look at, but functions flawlessly. Comes with matching 4-12" cab. $300.

    Charvel Model 7 guitar. Charvel's hard rock answer to the telecaster. Comes with EMG active pickups and a gig bag. It's in great shape for being 22 years old. $300.

    Audio Logic MT44 quad gate. Decent entry level gate for live sound or recording use. 4 channels. Made by DOD/Harmon/Digitech, marketed under the Audio Logic name. $50.

    Tannoy System 8 speakers. High end drivers each sound different from one another. One has more ultra high frequency extension, with a dip in the mids, and the other has plenty of mids but tends to trail off in the ultra high frequencies. The 8" woofers, cabinets, and crossovers are in great shape though. $150.

    Carver PM-175 power amp. Powered the Tannoy's. 175 watts per side at 8 ohms. $175.

    Buy both the amp and speakers for $300 and I'll throw in some Monster speaker cable too.

    Pics of all the gear are available at my flickr page at Flickr: Michael Strick-9's Photostream

    Music gear trade bait includes a fixed bridge shredder guitar (Jackson, Ibanez), late 80's/early 90's shredder guitars (such as Hamer Centaura, Charvel 550XL or Predator), Heartfield Talon V or Elan, high gain pre amp (Peavey Rockmaster, Lee Jackson...), quality plywood 4 12" cab, English Celestion Vintage 30's, Sennheiser e604's

    Firearm trade bait includes Glock 26 or 27; Keltec PF-9, P-11 or Sub 2000; Beta C or SGM 100 round dual drum AR mag, possibly MWG 90 rounder; ammo in 5.56 (Lake City/Federal, XM193, M855, Prvi Partizan, BVAC reloads...), 7.62x39 (Yugo surplus preferred), .40, 9 mm

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