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Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by ainokea, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Anyone going to the GSSF match in bremerton? It will be my first gssf match. I want to shoot my G34 and G21 maybe my G31. Any advice for a newcomer to the gssf matches?
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    I ROed at the Albany GSSF match at the beginning of the month. Got some cool swag for putting in some time. :D

    Biggest thing I could tell you is to shoot accurately. It's a timed event to be sure, but the couple extra seconds on each string/stage it takes to shoot accurately is more than worth it when you start to see all the C and D hits (add time to your score) and the ever dreaded "Mikes."

    Different guns will put you into different categories. The G34 puts you into a higher category and there's several categories you can't shoot that (the G34/35) in. To that end, I’m going to "tune up" an ole second generation G17 for the match next year, see if I can win a gun (always need more Glocks).

    It seemed like a rather "entry level" match which is a great thing, get Glock owners who haven't shot or don't often shoot in matches out and in front of the timer. Have fun. Be safe.

    Our turnout was rather small which was kinda disappointing, think we need to do more advertising.

    Bring all your Glocks, have the armorer check them out for you. Anything that may even hint at being worn will be replaced, free of charge, as a warranty repair on the spot.
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    I agree with the accuracy thing. Its definitely worth the extra time(if you hit the target!)
    About the amateur part....well yes and no. there are a lot of folks that might be shooting their first time but typically there are a hard core group maybe 10% of the shooters that are quite good at it!!!8)


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