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GSR-1911 .22lr

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by jimherb, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. jimherb

    jimherb Tacoma, WA New Member

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    Finally got out the to range this week to try out my new GSR-1911 .22lr. I fed it with some really high velocity fodder from Aguila, just to help break it in.
    The GSR is well-made (unlike my Chiappa) and more closely resembles a 1911. I went through 100 rounds with maybe half dozen double feeds or FTF. I figure these guys will require a fair amount of break in, so I wasn't expecting pperfection. The more I shot it, the more accurate it became. I wasn't really shooting for accuracy--just breaking it in. I am pretty well satisfied with it--much more that with the Chiappa 191-22. I started out shooting garden-varity high velocity in the Chiappa, and it was a jam-o-matic. Couold'nt get a magazine through it without a problem. Next time, I used some CCI high octane stuff which worked best--although not acceptably. The GSR seems superior and is worth a look. I have not evaluated any of the conversion kits on the market, so can't comment.
  2. atypicalparkie

    atypicalparkie sowfeast poetland, ohraygun Member

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    hey Jim, just to clarify, do you mean the GSG 1911 .22LR? (easy to mis-type a single letter!) I had one that I sold via the board here just recently (ONLY because of financial need, I really liked it). Assumin' you did mean the GSG/ATI one, yup I found that it liked hi-velocity ammo too, and after a pretty quick break-in it ran like a top. I would buy another one again in a hot second... danged other bills to pay! And it (the GSG) can have about 80% of its parts swapped with standard 1911 parts (so I've read), so you can customize the heck out of 'em if you want :thumbup:
  3. olyshoots

    olyshoots Vancouver USA Member

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    I have one too and it will shoot both HV and SV ammo. I put an adjustable rear sight on it (Springfield Armory for a Novak cut) and that improves it rather than guessing between the three heights of front sights provided. Need to further improve the trigger for more predictable break. Then, it will be a very accurate .22. Yes, parts are changeable with a .45, but mostly in the frame, not so much in the slide.