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    Mornin', all - just spent the morning on the range with one of my old Unertl-topped BSA Martinis, and had a play with the brand-new [to us] GSG AK-lookalike in .22 rimfire. This one has been fitted with a side-mounted Russian-made military-looking red dot scope with a kind of pebble-dash finish that looks really good and hard-wearing. We put over 300 rounds through it today - CCI Mini-mags - and it performed totally flawlessly in every respect. Off the elbow groups were around the inch and a half area, and the trigger was surprisingly crisp for an AK-like arm.

    The appearance, however, leaves a lot to be desired. For a start, it is just too darn good. The overall metal finish, whatever it is, has a satin sheen to it, and the wood is just too good for its own good. It really needs to be whacked around a barb wire fence some, and have a sock full of ball-bearings whacked around the wood. Dimensionally it just a tad out - the physical depth of the forend wood and the receiver is slightly more than the real steel, but hey, I could live with that.

    Price over here in yUK makes it a very serious competitor for a top-of-the-line 10/22 - around $800, or $5600 in dog money, but it's a real hoot to shoot.

    Recommended - four out of five stars!:thumbup:


    PS - I'll be putting some words down about the new Remington 'AR' look-alike later, after lunch. I've been offered THAT as well.:D

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