GSG-522 $199-$269

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Kimber Custom, Sep 25, 2014.

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    A couple notes. That HK conversion kit won't work with the PK model. There is a separate kit for that, usually more expensive.

    Buds gun shop has twin packs of 22 round stick mags for $24. A couple months ago they were only $20 for the twin pack, but even at $24 it's a good deal.

    One other note about CDNN. Overall my experience was OK with them, not perfect. The website wouldn't take my order online, so I had to call it in. When you do that your order doesn't get connected to your online account, so no updates there. I picked up the PK version of the GSG 522, which is a pistol, and verified that it would ship overnight (per their shipping policy) and that it would ship out the following day (since when I called it was already after their shipping deadline). I verified this because I had the day it was supposed to arrive off from work, and that would have worked out great. I called the next day to verify that it had shipped and they said it had gone out FedEx, but wouldn't give me a tracking number. They did give me the order number and said I could call back with that for updates if needed. Using the order number I was able to use the FedEx "track by reference" and found out they shipped it 2-day instead of overnight. This meant I would have to take time off of work to pick up the pistol. Not ideal, and kind of frustrating when they said it would ship overnight. I did contact them and ask why it shipped 2-day instead of overnight and they couldn't quite articulate why it was that way, just that it was bigger than a standard handgun, so they didn't ship it overnight. I did mention that FedEx policy as well as their own was for overnight shipment of handguns, and requested a refund of shipping since it did inconvenience me. They said no. So there's my mini rant about them. Not the end of the world, but still an inconvenience.
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