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    I'm trading a GSG-5PK, the pistol variant of the popular .22 MP5 clone. The pistol comes with everything it came with originally, plus a few extras!

    -4 22 round magazines
    -1 Point sling
    -1/2x28 threaded adapter

    I'm located in SE Hillsboro, but am open to driving a bit if necessary for the right trade!

    What I'm looking for:
    -A .22 LR rifle with a scope, and threaded barrel. I'd prefer bolt-action, but a semi-auto like a 10/22 would be alright as well.
    -A bolt-action rifle of some sort, preferably Remington 700-type (not surplus). I'm open on calibers, but would prefer something in a common caliber.
    -Auto-Pistol in .45, threaded barrel a plus!
    -An AK of some sort.
    -Whatever else you have, something might catch my fancy.

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