WTS/WTT OR gsg 1911

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    German Sport Guns 1911 .22lr

    Used, round count is 800-900

    Comes with 1 10rd magazine and NO AMMO. The plastic factory guide rod has been replaced with a Stainless Steal guide rod, I have fired Federal, Winchester, CCI and Remington ammo out of this fun lil fella with no hiccups, burps or farts.This trusty lil fella runs like a 57 Chevy. This lil keilbasa runs like Arnold ran in the 1987 blockbuster smash hit "Running Man". The barrel is also threaded for addition of a suppresor for covert operations off Columbia blvd, Or add the fake suppressor and from a distance at the range people will think you are shooting a suppressed .45!!!!! According to my calculations this lil oktober fest attendin' deutsche man is the ultimate in .22lr semi-automatic handgun technology. Has a few blemishes from being in my tool box but it just makes the gun look more tough!

    I'm asking $270 and will add cash or take cash added from you for the following items - ak47 furniture\mags\amm furniture\magfurniture\magsfurniture\mags\furniture\mags\afurniture\mags\am .



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    So what would the price be?

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