GSG 1911 .22cal range tested. Great shooting

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by dennisf, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I purchased the GSG 1911 .22cal pistol the other day. I read some responses to my questions and they were pretty much all positive. I broke it down and polished the bore with Flitz and polished the split feed ramp.
    I ran 5 different brands of 22lr through it. A little more than 200 rds. The only problem ftf was, like with my AR15-22, you need to make sure the top round is seated correctly in the mag. It shot the 5 brands very well and if I could see better, it would have produced better groups. This is the Rem, Fed, Win, Thunderbolt, Fed target auto (Walmart) stuff, no high end products.
    Like other older guys, even with glasses, it is hard to get the sights clear and lined up.
    At our 50 yard range we have a metal pop up guy, my average was 5 out of 10 shots for hits. Here again seeing is the problem.
    My partner shot it and prefers it to his Buckmaster and LLamas and is looking to trade the LLama in today for the GSG 22cal. He did try to get 11 rounds in the mag. The pistol does not like that and will not seat the mag or let the grip safety work.

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