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Grip pod reviews

I am thinking about getting one of those $50 dollar foregrip bipod combos that has the bipod that comes out of the bottom of the grip when the lever or button is pressed. Does anyone have experience with these or have a review of it. I am concidering getting one because having a bipod and a grip is too much clutter
I'll tell you what I know...not what I think:

US Tactical Supply (www.ustacticalsupply.com) loaned us one last year for the two-day Defensive Carbine course to demo. We strapped it on a student's AR and asked him to give it a good 1400 round (two days 16 + hours) workout.

From what I observed and the student who demo'd it feedback: Overall it performed extremely well, worked as advertized, and really paid for itself when going prone. The shape is a bit non-ergonomic for a standard grip but is more than acceptable. It does add some weight to the front end - can't recall but at least 8 oz. For those who drive up to rock pits, step out of a car/truck walk 10 yards and then shoot clay pigeons, tin cans or paper targets then it is probably great...but for those who know they may have to potentially hold a suspect(s) or home invader(s) at rifle point for 20 to 45 minutes in the ready position while scanning and searching the threat area (reality rather than what we want it to be or TV/Movies), train on a reqular basis soon realize it can potentially become a liablity rather than an valued asset. For most home, hotel, camp and vehicle defenders...the probability to go into a mid to long shot prone or a braced prone is highly unlikely. If one goes prone in a defensive situation (non-LEO) then it is probably going to be down fast and an extremely close (20 yards max - most likely 10 yards) shot(s). The need to set up a mono or bi-pod while certainly possible is rather unlikely.

When we asked the student what he thought. He shrugged his shoulders and said..."It is great from prone, but honestly I can shoot just as well prone without the aid of a mono/bipod anyway; I don't need one more piece of gear to weight this AR down any more than it already is and I don't need one more piece of gear which is just one more thing to get hung up on things when I'm clearing a building or get hooked on something when I'm deploying it out of my home/vehicle or one more thing to potentially break when I need it the most...I'll just save the $50 and purchase more ammo or come back to the advance carbine course. If I really liked or needed a v. grip then I might seriously consider this"

However, from one who used to compete a lot...if I was in 3-Gun matches or a practical match then this might be something I'd seriously consider for an competitive edge. Or if I was assigned on a mission with a DMR or SPR then again this might just be the ticket. But like everything else - our mission must dictate the gear and not the other way around. If your mission (yes even Joe or Jane Doe has mission or purpose for their rifle/handgun) dictates or calls for potentially mid-to-long range prone precise shots yet also have a duel CQC role then this just might be the piece of gear to have!
I use a Grip-Pod by GPS, the real one. They work great.

The knock-off ones break all the time. I see them fail at PR. Unca-Boo knows about these:s0114::s0114::s0114:


I gave the $30 one a try.....lasted 3 outings ( including 2 matches )...father in law's lasted 2....buy a real one.


ETA: C'mon coctailer....it didn't completely break, it just decided it wanted to be a mono-pod!!
If you want a piece of equipment to last, buy quality to begin with. In the end when you replace the piece a few times, you have just paid for the quality part to begin with.

Great review Dan. Working in the firearms industry for many years, have seen much gimmicky garb. Good comment about the mission vs gear, the mission dictates the gear.


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