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    So they other day I went to Grigg's to pick up my new SCCY CPX-2 pistol. They were the only business in town to have these pistols and I called to reserve one so I could be sure to get it. The only thing that the woman on the phone said was that they closed at 7pm. Once I got off of work I had to try to fix a pool and find a filter and I finally got to the shop at 6:45. I found a pool filter I needed and proceeded to go to the gun counter (yes they sell a lot of things), told the guy that I wanted to buy the CPX-2 and he told me that he couldn't sell it to me because they won't sell any firearms 10 minutes before closing because the paperwork takes a half an hour. Not happy, I spoke with the manager who confirmed that this was the policy (it wasn't posted anywhere). So I left, wishing that someone else in the Tri Cities sold these pistols. I couldn't make it back for a couple of days, but on Saturday I was finally able to make it into the store. I went up to the gun counter and waited 15 minutes for help and finally was able to start the purchase. 11 Minutes later (yes, I timed exactly how long it took), I was able to buy my pistol.

    So Grigg's wasted approximately 45 minutes of my time (one wasted round trip of 1/2 an hour, plus 15 minutes waiting to get help at the counter) and never apologized. If you are looking for great customer service, I wouldn't recommend shopping there. However, it's hard to beat their prices.

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