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    Howdy y'all. The board kindly invited me to make a post here to say hello to the community. The people at the shop where I bought my new pistol told me this was the Craigslist for firearms-related items, and so I signed up.

    Shout out to Champion Arms in Kent, who run a mighty fine range. Also shout out to West Coast Armory in Bellevue, where I bought my new pistol for about $150 less than I expected! This is the first pistol I have owned that was not issued to me, and people working at these two stores have been genuinely good and helpful. Go give 'em your business if you like.

    As a new pistol owner, I have two main observations: One, the culture of safety among civilian handgun enthusiasts, YouTubers and writers is refreshing and exactly what I'm used to from my enlisted days. Two, what's with this ammo drought? Yeesh! I got the 9mm instead of the .40 because I thought that 9mm ammo would be easier to find... boy was I wrong. It'll get better next year, right?

    Off to see what this site's all about. Cheers.
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    Glad to have ya onboard

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