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    Just a brief introduction. Was talking to a friend a few days ago about wanting to builld up some kind of .308 rifle and he suggested the forum as a place to start looking for a good example. Used to love my M-14 back in the day, so wanted to try my hand at semi long range shooting again. Uncle Sam was buying the ammo back then and there is significant sticker trauma involved in buying it myself, but I'm going ahead anyway.

    I'm retired. Get to spend as much time as my personal discipline allows playing guitar and learning new songs; even putting in some time reconnecting with my fiddle to some benefit. When weather permits I get a ride on my rice burning scooter ... strange that I picked western washington as a permanent home, as I've never been much for riding in the rain, but there you go.

    Look forward to visiting this forum often. Any suggestions about specific places on the site to pick up ideas/info on .308 rifle projects will be gratefully pursued. So far I've just been perusing the classified and have been impressed with the rifles folks have put together.

    Guess that enough for now. Cheers and happy trails.
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