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    I came here following a link after a Google search for information about Oregon HB 3200.

    For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to say I am from Oregon. I am ashamed of the contempt and arrogance of our "elected legislators" that are willing to trample the rights of law-abiding citizens such as myself with the only goal being political gain and ultimately, their reelection.

    I have been a law-abiding gun owner, shooter and gun enthusiast for my entire life, and suddenly I find the Oregon legislature willingly attempting to to make me a criminal simply because of some hardware that I legally acquired and possess.

    I used to be politically moderate and borderline apathetic, but I have now become a fanatical, single-issue voter and activist because of the actions of politicans - the lowest form of life on earth.

    Except for possibly the Vietnam War, never in my lifetime have I seen this country more divided over a single issue, and clowns like the ones we have in Salem and Washington are doing nothing to bring the country together, but are only feeding fuel to the fire and dribving us all further apart.

    I am outraged and looking for a way to make my voice heard. I hope I can find some answers, or at least some suggestions on how to do that on this forum.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Dude! Jump on board, make your voice heard, write, call your reps. If we do not overwhelm them with our voice then they will not be if fear for their jobs.

    Make a difference, maybe for the first time in your life.
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    Glad to have ya
  4. ma96782

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    Welcome. IMHO you got one more step........if you didn't do it already........get a CCW. It's sort of an instant "badge" to carry around. Showing that you're one of the "good guys." Of course, it's still up to you if you choose to go around armed. But, I've found it useful when making a firearms deal/purchase face to face.

    Not to mention, that you'll probably p%$$ off a LIBTARD.

    Aloha, Mark

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