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    i found this site by luck! i've read some of the other post and enjoyed all. good to know there are like-minded people out there. myself, I am in my mid 50's, married, and raising a grand child. I've lost my job last January, having never been unemployed in my life, i find myself in a unfirmiliar time in my life. Currently, I m back to school, trying to learn a new skill, that will be of value into the future, alot of others are in the same shape out there too.. I love guns, have more than I'll ever need, but I can deal with that, no problem! I've hunted a few times, not very sucessful, but a neighbor gives me samples now and then. I enjoy archery, I have five bows, triditional, and longbow. I make my own arrows, and strings. I just got into casting my own bullets, find it very enjoyable! I've started prepping a year or so ago, I firmly believe that we are all headed for tough times, but I try to beleive that we can make it through, keep my fingers crossed! Anyway, I look forward to veiwing post on this great blog, and contribute when I can. My favorite firearms... My mini-14, Bushmaster carbon AR15, Remington R25 .308,love 357mag,357sig,10mm(Delta & Glock20 1st gen) and many others:):) enough for now, keepin' my powder dry!!
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    Welcome and enjoy the site

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