Howdy all. I grew up in Sandy Oregon. Dad moved us there back in 1959. Yeah, before freeways. Just old 99 hwy north and south. Oregon was still pretty wild back then. Being able to hunt Bear almost all year long. with bounty on bob cats, crows and coyotes. Still had old growth timber here and there too. Lived right on 26 as it went right through the middle of town. I watched log trucks come down off the mountain with only 3 log loads. One big one. With 2 little ones on each side to keep the big one stable. All chained up and going slow.
gas was 19 cents a gallon. Bread at Fred Meyers was 5 loaves for a dollar. Mac Donal’s on Powell in Gresham sold burgers for 19 cents as well. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not reall, because wages was just as low. I remember working for 20 cents an hour. Or picking berries and getting about 80 cents a crate. And that took 3 hours of being bent over to make. Needless to say, I didn’t do that very often.
When I was 10 I bought my first .22 rifle from Western Auto store for $21. At 14 I would drool over the Marlin 30 30 lever action for $36 in the Christmas catalogue.
Anyway, I sure miss the way Oregon used to be. I drove the short bus for the city of Portland before I retired. Picking up disabled and old folks that had trouble getting around. Until some dirt bag in Northeast Portland shot at my bus. Sending a bullet between the back of me and a lady in a wheelchair. I quit that afternoon. And moved to up state N.Y. A week later. There I discovered it was not a gun friendly state. So I moved a bit farther east to Vermont. Where gun laws are reasonable.
My kids still live in Oregon. The X too. I’ve been out here for 12 years now. Carry my 9mm when I take a notion. Because you can. No permits required. There is a nasty negative out here though. The damn ticks. God cursed things are everywhere. My poor little dog come down with Lymes and almost died last week. I managed to pull him out of the dark with antibiotics. He bounced back quick!
Anyway, I’ll end by saying, keep up the good works and stay vigilant
Welcome aboard... :s0132:

These days, you cannot run from gun laws, I'm staying where I am and will stand fast...
Welcome Aboard. Glad you found the forum.

This is the best place to hang out on the internet.

I know that you're not in the Oregon/ Washington area but we've found the best way to meet the community and learn where and how to use public lands responsibly is through grass roots involvement.

If there isn't a local group that advocates for responsible stewardship of public lands, check out Trash No Land.


Around here....
The ticks = politician(s)

Aloha, Mark
Welcome and thank you for a look back when Oregon was sane, except Portland. Don't blame you for moving at that time. So glad to hear your dog pulled through.

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