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    Let's see, I was a FTG-SN in the Navy but did duty on an Oiler (AOE-2) from '75-79 so didn't get to do much Gun Fire Controlling. In 1980 I bought a 7 1/2 Ruger blackhawk in 45 LC, a Lee Challenger press and dies then started reloading. I'm still using the same press but am on my 3rd Blackhawk. It's a Bisley with a 6" barrel and with my pet hand load will shoot a 255 SWC in to a 8" group at 100 yds if I do my part.
    Other firearms currently owned are a 4" Hammerilli Trailside with a red dot sight, a CZ 542 with a nikon scope, Savage MK II with a Sightron Scope-all in 22lr cal. Next up are a Ruger SSM in 32 H&R Mag, and a first gen. 4" Dan Wesson .357. My only rifle at this time is a new to me Browning a Bolt in 338 win Mag. A model 37 Ithica 12 ga and my Grandfathers model 1896 Damascus double barreled 12 ga round out the collection.
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    Hi Mike!
    Yes, you will fit fine with this group
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    Welcome aboard:thumbup:

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