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Hi, my name is Mike, and I like guns. (this is the 12 step program, right?)

I work as a Street doctor, (otherwise known as a paramedic) been doing it for 27 years. I have no life.

In my job I have met many LE officers, Military, and other official types. I have become very good friends with many of them.

I became worried about my families, and my safety and security. Talked with a buddy about it and he offered me his brand new backup. Which I bought, he has been training me since. (He is a firearms instructor with over 30 years experience.) He is making sure I never shoot my self or anyone or anything I don't mean to.
I believe in the Second Amendment, Joined the NRA two years ago.
Looking to get membership in a local club, have an application in at Canby. But from what I hear they are 2 years in waiting list.
I will be checking out the Tri County GC soon.
I saw a flier at the Clackamas PSTC, figured I'd have a look, and you all seem just crazy enough not to notice me slip in.

I want to Thank All Veterans here, I was not able to serve, I love my life in the USA, and I couldn't have it without you!

Hi there Mike, and yes, it's 12 steps in reducing your bank balance with a bunch of shooting gear, if nothing else, and a lot of good people too.

Good to have you along. PS I'm a doctor at fixing things, not the MD kind so no conflict of venues here. :)
Thanks Doc, I saw your tag being 'Minister of silly works' and I liked you right off. lol

I sometimes introduce myself to the more freaked out patients as:
Paul Poopindick, part time partypooper, part time planters peanut picker, part time paramedic. It will usually calm them.... or send them right through the roof
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