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    Professional Nerd who is in the process of selling off firearms. I truly enjoyed marksmanship as a hobby, but my life has not allowed me to go to the range since 2011.

    Not sure what else to say here, so I will end by saying that my 1911 is (by far) my favorite firearm ;)
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    I saw this the other day, and it made me think you should look into airguns.

    There are standard plinkers you can shoot safely in your back yard, as well as high end hunting guns, in calibers up to 12 ga rifled slugs; there's a lot of fun to be had if you are wanting to keep at what you love, but are too pressed for time and/or space.
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    Protection. Don't sell all. Hang on to some personal protection. You never know in today's world. And if you keep something around, go practice with it and get good at it... just in case.

    The nerd thing has nothing to do with your right to defend and protect yourself and your family. Just listen to the daily news and you should realize... keep some protection available.

    Then, enjoy the conversations on this site. Good to have you here!

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