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I've been replacing my British car hobby with firearms (I need time to work on cars, which is a really short-stocked item in my cabinet lately) and my kids and wife are now interested, to various degrees. One of my daughters is timid with a .22 auto, one daughter loves my little PF9 and wants something with more kick (just got a 12ga, she'll like that...) and my wife is going to be getting a S&W 686+ 6" since she likes shiny revolvers and I like her warming to the idea of keeping the house safe while I'm gone.

I carry a PF9 daily, still looking for a better holster (currently on my second attempt at having one custom made for me) and have been looking for two things lately. One is a good gun shop in the north end of the Puget Sound that's not an hour drive, and outdoor shooting places I can safely take the young'uns and my wife for a casual experience.

I regularly go to Sam's Gun Range in Everett, but my wife isn't really thrilled with them, and she likes Norpoint, although they're a little further away and are a bit more restrictive. Can anyone share any experiences, good or bad, with Norpoint?
welcome, I am replacing my Porsche Racing hobby with guns and understand the time issue ( the money issue, although I am working hard at making the guns cost as much). I am in the middle of moving to the area north of Seattle.

hope to see you a the range one day.

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