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    First...I'm not affiliated in ANY way, other than I am now a satisfied customer.
    Additionally, I am not an attorney (if I were, I'd do my own trust, I guess...), so in no way should any of this be taken as legal advice.
    OK, a friend and I have been fence-sitting for months about doing a trust for SBRs.
    We did some light research, took a look at trusts established by friends, etc, but couldn't find the right scenario...legally robust, but pretty damn simple.
    Not sure where he got the tip, but my pal somehow discovers Coyote Rifleworks
    Called them up (based in Texas, answered on second ring even though it was 8:30 pm there) and asked all the rookie questions. They really seemed to know their stuff...bottom line, we both purchase a trust package ($95 each) and are now in the process of executing it.
    Very happy with their product, their cost, and the ability to talk directly to them. Very gun friendly and very knowledgeable.
    Carry on...

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