I literally had a knife in my shopping cart to buy and now two days later they have a sale that is almost 40% off that price. They range from about $30-$55 with this sale (note that not all models are on sale).

These knives are known to be realiable long term. I have had good luck with mine so far. Just ordered the strike with Bowie blade and strike with tanto blade.

Here is a comparison of opening speed of some various models FYI: A. mini kalashnikov (weight 2 oz), B. kalashnikov reg size (3.5 oz), C. strike reg size (4.7 oz), D. kalashnikov XXL size

In general kalashnikov has more rounded handles, slightly snappier opening and lighter weight but has odd/bulky carry clip. Strike is heavier and really good ergonomically for me, normal slim carry clip. I carry the strike probably 90% of the time just cuz it's the right weight, ergos, and fun to open and cut with.

P.S. it's worth double checking the description to make sure it is D2 steel and not Aus 8 (unless you want Aus 8 of course). Some of the older models with Aus 8 still are still in inventory at some dealers although I didn't notice any of the Aus 8 models at bladehq fwiw.

Also note that paint wears off handles over time so get black color if you want easy touch up or whatever color you want if you don't care about it.
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