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Tuesday, Nov. 02, 2010

CRIME: Good Samaritans robbed in north Franklin County
By Paula Horton, Herald staff writer
Two good Samaritans were robbed early this morning after stopping to help a couple in what appeared to be a disabled vehicle in north Franklin County, authorities said.

The man and woman were driving west on Hendricks Road at 6 a.m., when they saw a red or maroon four-door sedan on the side of the road, said Franklin County sheriff’s Detective Lee Barrow.

Almost immediately after the man contacted the male in the disabled car, the suspect displayed a small caliber handgun and forced the man into the suspect’s car, Barrow said.

The female suspect then went to the victim’s car and displayed a 2- to 4-inch knife at the woman still in the car, he said.

The suspects drove both vehicles to a nearby haystack and ordered the victims out of the vehicles.

Jewelry, cash and cell phones were taken from the victims, along with their gold 2005 Ford Explorer, with Washington plate 028-ZKK, police said.

The suspects left with both vehicles.

The victims suffered minor injuries, but did not need medical treatment, Barrow said.

Both suspects spoke broken Spanish and wore dark ski masks to hide their identities, he said.

The male suspect was described as being 5-foot-10 to 6-foot with a medium build. The female suspect was 5-foot to 5-foot-4 with a medium build.

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What does spoke "broken Spanish" mean? This seems to be very poor reporting.

It means they were probably not native spanish speakers. They poorly communicated in spanish, probably hoping to convince the victim that they were mexican and taint the suspect description when the police took the report.

Usually, when someone speaks "broken english", it's a non-native english speaker trying to muster up a few sentences.

Or, perhaps they meant they were speaking broken english, with a spanish accent.

I agree, poor reporting.
im sorry, but i would VIOLENTLY attack anyone who put a gun in my face or a weapon of any kind.without hesitation. no one expects you to do a damn thing but lay down and take it. go NUTS absolutely insane and tear them to pieces.or at the very least empty a can of pepper spray in their eye sockets.take control of the situation and control the out come.improvise,overcome, adapt!! i know this sounds intense but i cant stand this happening to innocent people.
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