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I was almost ready to say I thought that was a pretty fair presentation of the story by the tv station until the female anchor threw in that last jab implying that restrictions should be even greater as the perp had already passed a background check for WAC membership and that didn't stop him from getting a gun.

I did think the station did do a good job of getting the anti-gun folks position and then following up with statistics of their own that clearly disputed his.

Overall, considering how bad this makes gun shows look I think it could have been much worse.
I felt it was a pretty fair interview. As A WAC member we did not come off looking bad. Im glad the interviewed Skip (a neighbor of mine), not only does he work at Oly Arms but runs a gun business at the gun shows. Every time I hear about the sales only going thru FFL gun dealers I say waht about cars? They kill more people than guns and you can still sell those to anybody you want. Do you check to see if there person buying your car has a drivers license? How do you know the person buying it wont use it in a DUI or rob a bank?
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