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Who charges $5.00 for primers looks like Karma got them too. I think its called reparations.
The reasoning you Express to justify the exchange is flawed.
You asked the price for a sleeve. She responded. You evidently didnt think it unreasonable because you asked for two.
Seems it was a small store. Consider the ripple effect: clerk might lose her job, customers following you may need to pay more, LGS with relatively high fixed costs and tight margins may go out of business.
In the end, everyone loses.
I bought some corner metal at Ace a couple weeks ago for a small mud and tape project I did. There was an extra piece stuck together that I didn't pay for. I haven't made it back to drop it off yet, but fully intend to. It's been kinda bugging me in the back of my mind. It was like $3.00. it will cost me more in fuel than its worth.

Looking at a situation like that with glee that you got one over on them is bubblegumty. Knowing they made a mistake, and knowingly walking out with merchandise that you didn't pay for is thievery.
Unless the customer paid less than the store requested and tricked the employee into receiving less than they requested, seems simply good fortune, rather than taking advantage. Opinions vary.

Years ago I had a buyer/seller situation take place where the buyer tried to haggle on site after agreeing to price beforehand, after it was all said and done, he ended up paying more for individual items (not all of what originally agreed to purchase) than I had originally listed them for, then later after departing ways had the gall to ask for a refund.

When it comes to money, if the buyer and seller agree on a price and exchange funds for goods, done deal, regardless of which side of the situation feels slighted.
To each there own I guess.

I’ve over paid, been double charged, scammed, taxed, throughout my life.

If I get a break from a cashiers mistake, not if my own doing, I’ll take it.


You want to hear about a great day, I opened my gun safe yesterday morning to take out some .22 lr ammo for a member here that was buying a couple of bricks from me, so he could take his 14 yr old daughter and teach her how to shoot with a new rifle he bought for her.
He was so nice on the phone, I decided to throw in some extra ammo, and when I moved the boxes, I found $2,000 in cash that I had stashed there and forgotten about.
Now that is a good day.
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