Government files for asset forfeiture of Stag Arms firearms seized in raid

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    Government files for asset forfeiture of Stag Arms firearms seized in raid

    May 19, 2015 1:37 PM MST

    Per the government's complaint, these listed Stag Arms firearms are subject to forfeiture due to alleged compliance violations.
    United States District Court, District of Connecticut

    The government wants to keep firearms seized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in September’s raid on Connecticut Firearms manufacturer Stag Arms, The Hartford Courant reported Monday. At this point, no charges have been filed against the company, but an investigation is ongoing.

    At issue are receivers that have not been marked with serial numbers. The company issued a statement noting “the allegations relate primarily to timing and record-keeping, and Stag believes public safety was never compromised,”

    Aside from the statement released to the media, the company has remained silent at this writing on its website, on its Twitter feed and on its Facebook page. Providing further details, a poster on provided links yesterday to three legal documents pertaining to the government’s legal action.

    The first document, filed May 6, US v. Multiple Stag Rifles - Verified Complaint for Forfeiture, notes “This is an action to forfeit and condemn to the use and benefit of the United States of America the following property ... The Defendant Firearms are subject to forfeiture ... for violations o the National Firearms Act.”

    The second document is Search and Seizure Warrant. It includes the list of firearms seized on September 3.

    The third document is a Warrant Attachment to the Verified Complaint. It includes a “Description of the Property to Be Searched,” a “Description of the Items to be Seized” and an Affidavit by BATFE Special Agent Joanna Lambert, in which she declares “I am currently investigating allegations that Stag Arms, has committed multiple violations of federal firearm laws and regulations, to include ... making false entries in, failing to make appropriate entries in, and failing to properly maintain, federal firearms records ... failure to serialize and place required markings on firearms ... and ... possession of NFA firearms not registered to the FFL.”

    In her affidavit, Lambert also requested “authority to search for any and all records, documents and information -- in paper, electronic or other form -- relating to violations of the statutes identified above, including ... information and documents ... address books, daily planners, rolodexes, etc. ... financial records ... tax returns and records ... unlawful firearms ... photographs and video ... [and] computers, computer hardware, storage devices and electronic documents...”

    Under these circumstances the company will probably limit media statements to those vetted by legal counsel. Further information may come from ATF, which has not posted a related press release at this writing, and from legal developments, which this column will continue to monitor.
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    We need to eradicate a few of these federal organizations. That isnt meant to sound as an idle (violent) threat. I mean we need to dismantle what horrid tyrannical government we've allowed to grow over the years.
    This is corrupt as all get out..

    When will enough be enough?
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    Stag got what they deserve.

    I'm tired of gun companies, and gun stores, bending over to take whatever the government throws at them. You handed them the power to do this, and you deserve what you get.

    Maybe a "No, thank you." thirty years ago wouldn't have been so bad. ;) Now they bring tanks.

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