Government and Police Just Can't Stop Them

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    As we continue to be stripped of our right to self defense, I keep seeing stories out of places like LA, Chicago and NY where gun crime continues to go unabated. Strict gun laws are keeping guns out of the hands of those that wouldn't commit these crimes, while continuing to do nothing to quell the never ending gun violence by those that refuse to follow the laws.

    Instead of allowing law-abiding folks to be armed for their own protection, they take those rights away while offering up the typical worthless solutions to the violence such as: community meetings, marches, condominiums, organic markets, a charter school, and, wait for it - the one thing every homie in the hood has been so angry about missing out on - a yoga studio.

    Thug #1: (pulls his Hi-Point Glock 40) "You gonna die bro!!"

    Thug #2: "Why you gonna cap me cuz?"

    Thug #1: "'cause I ain't got no place to practice my downward facing dog, dawg!"

    Seriously, do the progressive leaders in these cities have any actual solutions that work? Can we try to move beyond what 'feels good' to what actually works? While LEO's like Joe Arpaio are being vilified in the media for actually enforcing the laws and being damn tough on crime, they're holding organic vegan peace rallies to end the violence :s0054: When can they finally acknowledge that those things simply are not working?

    I wonder how many of these offenders that they see drunk or wasted every day on the streets have been arrested, over and over and over and over, yet still are out on the streets committing crimes?


    Some excerpts:

    "Authorities are grappling with the District’s escalating homicide count. As of Sunday there were 93 so far this year, a 23 percent increase over the 72 at the same time last year. One challenge for police is that the violence has not been contained to any particular part of the city."

    Although some areas that have been persistent pockets of crime continue to see shootings, the uptick in violence also has affected many neighborhoods that have been targeted for growth and revitalization. Residents in Northwest are complaining about more gunfire, from Columbia Heights to Petworth, from Park View to Logan Circle.

    Three people have been killed in Columbia Heights this year, and a man reported being abducted from a bus stop on Georgia Avenue and gang-raped in a van. The slaying near the Metrobus occurred just a few blocks south. Closer to downtown, another man was shot and killed on July 18, just off Logan Circle’s 14th Street, a onetime prostitution strip that has transformed into a bustling entertainment district."

    I would love to take my family to D.C. some day to see the museums, the monuments and just revel in the history of this once great nation. But I'll be damned if I'm going to take them to such a dangerous place.
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    I have no desire to even travel to the East coast anymore, I have seen enough bad chit in my 30 years living in the South which prompted me to decide to leave the homeland forever, except family obligations.:(

    What TPTB fail to do (and portray that they do to the public) is go after the very slime dawgs (dogs don't need degrading like this) that DO THE CRIMES!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:
    They must have missed the class on decency and duty to constituents in Politician school......:eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    The reality is the left likes it this way, the more things fail the more and intervention is needed.

    Its a very common practice since man lived in groups.

    1. Want your own land pay taxes and fees
    2. want nice roads pay taxes and fees.
    3. want protection pay taxes and fees.\

    Taxes and Fees are nothing more then giving the government the right to intervene, not only do the interfere we beg them to and pay taxes and fees to let them do it ROFL !!!!!!
    And then we bubblegum and whine and they do it all over again .:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    More like
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    Sounds like extortion to me!!!!!!!!!
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    A lot of writing and such to say the government wants crime to continue so we are scared and need their help.
    Take our guns then we need them to protect us
    Kinda like the guy out here says they let the wolves out to destroy the small rancher so we need the gubment to feed us
    Simple stuff
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