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    Richard -

    You know that the gun industry lobby has blocked needed, commonsense legislation like expanded background checks on gun purchases. But what's less known is that year after year the NRA and its allies in Congress have added so called "gun riders" to appropriations bills that restrict law enforcement's ability to enforce our gun laws.

    The worst of the gun riders - called the "inventory rider" - allows irresponsible gun dealers to lose track of the firearms they have in stock. Law enforcement could simply require all dealers to conduct an annual inventory, which would make sure guns end up in the hands of responsible citizens, not criminals. But the NRA and its allies in Congress say no.

    Your Senator Jeff Merkley is drafting the first appropriations bill since the tragic murder of 26 children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Your Senator can remove the "inventory rider" in the 2014 Appropriations Bill.

    Will you ask your Senator to remove the "inventory rider" in this year's appropriations bill? Call 1-888-204-8350, or use the Americans for Responsible Solutions click-to-call tool and we'll connect you.

    Keeping track of guns before they're sold is just common sense. But NRA leadership has been able to slip this measure into the appropriations process year after year because it's escaped public attention. This year, we have a plan to stop it.

    Just tell your Senator that you are against the "inventory rider" in this year's Appropriations Bill.

    President Obama has already asked the Senate to remove this provision. The next step is to make sure that the Senators on the Appropriations Committee know their constituents are watching. A call from you could make the difference.

    We have an opportunity with this small legislative fix to prevent thousands of guns from being lost, stolen or illegally sold. Let's gets this done.

    All the best,

    Peter Ambler
    Strategy Director, Co-Founder, Americans for Responsible Solutions
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    If they got rid of ALL riders, it would force politicians to do their job in the open like honest men, and I would support that. The laws need to say that there will be no access to the batf records gun dealers have without a warrant, to investigate a crime, and not in a rider, but legislation that stands on its own without a sunset. Then, really, who cares if they can check an inventory or not? Really, I don't know what it is NRA is trying to prevent if not the illegal snooping into who bought what.
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    Bobber Down!

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