Got my 1911 back from Springfield today, but I have questions...

Here was my original issue:

Roughly two years ago my girlfriend bought me my first (and only) 1911, a beautiful Springfield Loaded with factory night sights and CT grips. I couldn't wait to get it to the range, but once there I was highly disappointed. The CT grips were off by quite a bit, which was fine because I can adjust them easily myself. However, when I tried the sights, the gun consistently shot high left, about 2-3" up and 2-3" over, and I was shooting from the bench. I figured it was probably me because I was still getting used to the gun.

On my next visit there was a guy there with a GI model shooting one rough hole. We got to talking and I told him my problem, then asked him to try shooting my 1911. Shooting it from the bench, he was able to shoot one hole with it as well, but it was off the same as when I shot it, 2-3" high, 2-3" to the left. We drifted the rear sight a bit and got it down to about .75" to the left, but the sight was all the way over and the gun was still shooting high. Since that range visit the gun has been in my safe, untouched. I really like 1911's and I think it's time to get this problem corrected so I can shoot it.

I know Springfield has a warranty, but would it cover something like this? If not, how much would it cost to have them dial it in? Would it be better to take it to a local gunsmith? How much should I expect to pay?
So I got it back from the factory today and the test target (shot after they replaced the barrel) looks like:

Now, I understand that it was at 25 yards, but shouldn't it be shooting groups closer to the center of the target? What would cause the group to be so low and to the right? I sent it back because it wasn't shooting straight and from the looks of this target, it still isn't. Now, I also noticed on the paperwork it says:

Repair 1911 Pistol

1 - 1911 .45 Barrel, SS
Range Tested - Sending Target

1 - .160 Dovetail Frt Night Sight
Note: Front Sight Was Installed After Target
Their troubleshooting is confusing me. If the gun was shooting off center and they found a problem with the barrel, wouldn't they replace the sight and sight it in before range testing it to make sure it was the barrel? How would they know it was the barrel unless the sights were properly adjusted? Can someone please explain this to me? I plan on calling them on Monday, but I'm really curious :)
I have a older Colt 1911 the rear sight is dove tailed to the slide and with a little persuasion it can be drifted right or left, if my groups were right of center I would drift the rear sight to the left. As far as the elevation problem I would shoot a variety of bullet weights, at 10, 15 and 25yds if the gun is still shooting low I would get a taller rear sight or shorter front sight, or file down the front sight.
They likely have enough experience (I hope) that they would install the front sight a bit to the right (to make the POI left) and use a lower front sight to bring the POI higher.

Again, the reason it took over 3 weeks is that the techs have very limited range time. If they made the changes and tnen range tested the gun again, you'd be complaining about the 6 weeks....

Go take her out and shoot her (bench rest).

I think you we be pleased....

I don't think the techs are stupid....My Taurus PT 145 was returned to me with a really nice test target, the group was nicely centered and tight (but took almost 8 weeks!).

Oh...and likely the reason for replacing the barrel; they figured it was a cheap part and would likely eliminate a variable. The test target shows the barrel and frame are OK; they are producing a tight group. The adjustment of the sights is a minor thing.
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Most right handers shoot low and LEFT as there is relatively less resistance to flexing (at the wrist) versus extension. Also, the factory TT would have been obtained at bench rest, presumably by an experienced tech....

Anyway, Joey....SHOOT the gun and let us know!


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