Got a Few Bucks? - Motorcycle Auction

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RicInOR, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. RicInOR

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    They said Bohnam,like John Bohnam?
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  3. Mark W.

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    I'd be all over it but no Cyclone up for auction.
  4. teflon97239

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    Oh course, we all entertain fantasies from time to time about having a LOT of money to invest in our hobbies, etc.

    This particular post really strikes a nerve with me because I love motorcycles but I have little interest in anything from this century or anything made since the 1970's.

    Trust me, if I hit the lottery, I'll get a nice big climate-controlled garage and plenty of bikes to park and maintain in there. Daily riders.

    Incidentally, we all know Jay Leno digs bikes. Did you ever see Billy Joel's nice collection?
  5. Mikej

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    Rooms at the Dovecliff Hall Hotel are only $153.00 U.S.!

    Just picture yourself pulling up in front of a coffee shop on on NW 23rd on that Flying Merkle, in a cloud of barely muffled oil smoke! Butta-Bang-Butta-Bang-But-But-BANG! Just think of the look on the faces of those pasty, bicycle riding, almond milk drinking, skinny jean wearing yahoos!
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  6. jbett98

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    Many years ago, I was sent out to repair a flat tire on a farm tractor in the Boring, OR area.
    This was my first service call to this particular farm and I had a real hard time finding it as the instructions from my boss were rather sketchy.
    I finally located the place and the old retired farmer directed me to back up to his old dilapidated barn and to get started on the tire.
    I needed a source of water to clean the inside of the tire because the calcium chloride ballast water had leaked and would rust the wheel out if I didn't wash it all out, plus I needed to mix up a new batch to refill the tire.
    The old guy directed me to a side door and when I stepped inside I found the water hose and a whole bunch of old motorcycles that were mostly complete and a bunch of parts laying all around them.
    There were a couple of Indians, four or five old Harley's and a couple bikes that I didn't recognize.
    I asked the old about them and he replied that they were his sons and he walked away without further comment.
    When I went back to the tire shop, I asked my boss if there was a way to contact the son of the old farmer and he told me that his son had died in the Viet Nam war and he hadn't touched anything of his since and good luck getting him to sell something, as I wasn't the first guy to inquire about them.
    Years later, I tried to locate that farm by memory, but I never could find it, as the whole area has changed so much in thirty years.

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