Gorgeous paratrooper sks

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    No serious dents or chips, just a tiny bit of operational wear. Zero buildup on the bolt carrier, and the dust cover and most of the receiver are in amazing shape. No bayo unfortunately, but it's not uncommon with the paratrooper length rifles. Riflling is nice and crisp and very strong, not pitting or fouling in the bore. Comes with a factory mounted side rail so you can have a proper scope mount on this. It was my original plan to put a medium power POSP scope on it, but do with it what you will. I can take more pictures on request if you're interested. $400 firm

    Call or text 253-632-8384 for more pictures and a faster response

    Would be interested in trading for a budget AR or AK, with cash on my end

    Contact for pictures, as all the pictures I took exceed the infinitesimal file size limit on here

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