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Picked this up in a trade and decided to stay with the AR platform. I've never shot it since I got it. Here's what details I have on the gun from the guy I got it from...

-The complete FAL kit was bought from Gun Parts Guy out of Vancouver in 2006. The DSA receiver was a brand new Type I, I had ordered from DSA back in '05. When I came home in '07 I had Eric Berg of Blackwell Industries build this for me. I then, just recently, had Para Bellum Inc out of Louisville, KY refinish this for me with a custom mix of KG Gun Koat 2400 Gun Blue and a satin black with stainless (faux) highlights. The rifle was test fired when built and then again when it was refinished."
-Built on a "sterile" imbel parts kit
-Iron Wood furniture
-Williams Arms QD Pro mount
-.308/7.62x51 nato

don't really know a lot about fal's. know it's been owned by a couple guys on here and never shot by either of them apparently.

This gun is beautiful and I'll never shoot it. Comes with (3) 20 round surplus mags.


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