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Changes you might consider making:
  • iOS instead of Android (or no smart phone)
  • No Google Apps on your iOS devices
  • Use the free Firefox web browser on your iOS devices
  • Configure Firefox to use DuckDuckGo for search, instead of Google Search
  • ProtonMail for your personal email.
And facebook listens to your conversations then sends you ads tailored to what you have been talking about. Don't believe me, download the facebook messenger app to your phone then talk about something you have no use for, like if you don't have a cat, talk about cat food, cat litter and other stuff and see what happens.
I was talking with a friend the other day about buying some Bombay Sapphire Gin. The next morning I had an ad for Bombay Sapphire on my Facebook.

Totally freaked me out, I have an iPhone.
Its been this way for years, and not just smart phones. Theres a reason people put tape over the cams on their laptop, or unplugged webcams frim their desktops. Same with mics. I experienced numerous instances of having a conversation, including phone conversations, and getting ads related to products discussed within moments.

There is no privacy if you have modern electronics. Check your TVs too, smart TVs have microphones, some have cameras. Always on, even with screen off, unless unplugged. I will not use an internet enabled TV.
And if anyone at google looks at my search history or listened to my conversations, they are probably laughing their bubblegum off, or wanting to flee in horror :rolleyes:

I'm just glad I haven't been drone'd yet :p

Don't forget websites/retailers/card processors and banks all compiling purchase and browsing data. Sometimes for good, usually not. When I banked with Chase, their profile of my buying habits caught fraudulent purchases before I ever noticed. Of course I only discovered it when my card was turned off, not because of a phone call alerting me :mad:

We are all on hundreds of lists. Thankfully there are not thousands of minions or a handful of supercomputers combing and sorting the lists and cross checking them and putting us on other lists for aprehension or extermination when Big Brother decides to go Full Facist :rolleyes:

Its sunny and 45 degrees right now, and I am getting ads for Russian trans-ginger midget love slaves :D I wonder why?....
I just tested 2 of these bags from my work place. Seems to block all signal. Use 3-4 to be safe.


Desco - Statshield® Moisture Barrier Bags
Believe you me...Never trust anything digital. Don't believe anything you see or read on the Internet or TV. Add some commercial grade aluminum foil to your hats and wrap your phones in it when not in use.
Instapundit » Blog Archive » DON'T BE EVIL: Google's 'Filter Bubble' Can Manipulate Your Search Results, Study Suggests. Eight…

Eighty-seven individuals searched for the same terms as part of Measuring the Filter Bubble: How Google Is Influencing What You Click, a study conducted by DuckDuckGo, a search engine that aims to protect users' privacy. Participants searched Google for "gun control," "immigration," and "vaccinations," but despite the identical search terms, the results varied, even when controlling the time and location, according to the study.
For starters don't allow microphone or audio/video access to these apps.

I have no problems. I also don't allow any GPS locations except when using the app, never allow for background use.
Fight back on the PC end.

Download the following for Firefox/Chrome - if you haven't already used a different OS/distro/cyber practice

ublock origin at DuckDuckGo
HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Badger
Ghostery Makes the Web Cleaner, Faster and Safer!
add DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified. to your browser as the default search engine of choice

Here is a sample of what Ghostery detects and blocks from NWF -
check.PNG check2.PNG
Google analytics is the BIG ONE YOU WANT BLOCKED!!!

As for your phones, jail break or DL Fdroid and root your phones then add custom firmware that'll debloat the factory crap.

For mobile OS browsers (unsure of iOS) use:
DuckDuckGo - if either allow add ons download the aforementioned list above.

If you know how to do advanced networking and router/modem set ups perform that. Practice common sense wherever you go online! A good safe start is using Quad 9 as your primary DNS (ditch your ISP's) get a GOOD VPN too.
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This just might be summarizing what has already been shared in this thread.

Google Tracks Users in Incognito Mode, Study Finds

Epstein admitted that the study had problems. "We have a credibility problem for sure — they didn't tell us how they found their volunteers, for example," he said. He also faulted the study for "just showing you the raw numbers without using statistical methods to see whether these numbers are significant statistically. They didn't do that, for some reason."

"I don't recommend Duck Duck Go to people, even though I believe they don't track data and I think that's great," he explained. "I don't recommend it because I don't find the quality of their search results to be very good."

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