Goodyear Tire Corp.


I read a thread about Goodyear Tire Corp on another forum posting their stores no carry. I email to them, this is the reply:

"Thank you for contacting our web site and for voicing your concerns. In an
effort to ensure the safety and security of our associates and customers,
we have had a clear company policy regarding weapons in the workplace,
since 2004. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. prohibits all persons who
enter Company property from carrying a handgun, firearm, or prohibited
weapon of any kind onto the property regardless of whether the person is
licensed to carry the weapon or not. Exceptions apply to on-duty law
enforcement personnel. This policy applies to all Company employees,
visitors, customers, and contractors on Company property -- including our
Company owned stores. All Company properties have received a decal or sign
referencing this policy, and have been instructed to post it.

Jennifer - Consumer Relations"

A canned response the same as the others received. None the less, it makes their position perfectly clear.


If people were as concerned about companies like Goodyear closing plants and offshoring family wage jobs as they are about whether you can concealed carry in their store, we'd be much better off.
Ahhh.... My apologies. Had I known this part of the forum was about economics and not firearms issues I would not have posted.
DireWolf if this was a forum about shipping jobs overseas I could see your point. Beings as this is a gun forum we tend to discuss things that pertain to guns and things that affect our gun rights, seems a little crazy but thats the way it is. I agree Civilian they just lost me also.
Alot of business's are posting signs in their store fronts banning weapons on their property. But if your concealed, and it doesn't look obvious, I say don't worry about it.

Clackamas Town Center has had a sign posted on their property for years!! And it didn't stop the shooter.

Mark W.

What I am curious about is lets say after a couple years of everyone pointing out every place that doesn't allow firearms on the property. Where are all of you going to do your shopping?

Heck most gun shops and pawn shops have a NO GUN POLICY.

Take tire stores I bet if you eMailed Goodyear, Amerca's, Les Schwab, Firestone, And any other big chain tire store they would tell you the same thing. No guns.

Heck if I worried about this crap I couldn't go to work as the Gun owning, Deer, Bear, Moose, Elk Hunting Sage rat, Coyote (and thats just the boss/owner), 2nd amendment supporting, Obama hating, Redneck, Construction company has the same exact rules NO GUNS ON THE PROPERTY OR IN THE VEHICLES
I find it's just an insurance gimmick. I have a no weapons policy at my place of business that I personally wrote into the employee handbook. I simply did it because if it is a written company policy, then it figures into insurance premium costs every year when they figure how much we should pay them for our liability coverage. It's my rule and I still break it daily. I would wager that a fair amount of businesses out there don't really care if you legally carry on their property or not, they just want to save a buck on their insurance.

This is just my opinion, so don't go out here getting yourself in trouble and tell them some guy on the internet told you it was ok...wait better yet, go ahead..see what happens :s0155:
As Salted Weapon pointed out, a companies posted sign has no effect, unless your firearm is seen and you are asked to leave and if you do not comply.

Personally, i ignore these posted signs. My safety is more important to me, than a sign and no way to defend myself, should the need arise.

My only exception to this rule, is places that i can get into immediate trouble for carrying concealed, per Oregon and Washington laws.

This is jmho and you are free to do as you choose.

You can conceal on any business property in Oregon ( PERIOD), whether posted or not.
According to Oregon law it is the same as no shoes, no shirt no service.
If they ask you to leave you must, as it becomes a trespass.
The trespass is not because of the firearm,
it is because they have the right refuse service to anyone for any reason.
One would note if you were arrested or sited for trespass your gun would not be the
issue to the police. Your refusal to leave is the issue. Violating a company policy
does not present a trespass. Not leaving when asked or ordered to do so is.
The police will enforce the trespass not that you did what they did not want you to.
Police can not act on such things.

Hope this helps !

PS once told, if you return with a gun and they had previously told you verbally no.
You could get arrested or sited for trespass even if you chose to leave then.
Anyone know if Wash law is similar?


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