Probably several closer, but across the main entrance from Sunriver is a rock quarry you can shoot at
COSSA is on the other side of Bend, and they do have public access 1 Saturday per month.

Note public access limitations.

May save time, and also might be worthwhile to look into joining if you all will be frequently out that way.

Never been, however have heard much positive about that club. In particular for their steel plate range setups for distance...
Please be careful shooting around the Bend area. There are literally thousands of people hiking, biking, camping and roaming the woods this time of year that you will never see until it is too late. Find a good place with an impenetrable backstop and be safe and fire conscious!
All of central Oregon thanks you for your consideration and safety!
It’s completely nuts over there right now !!! Everyone and their grandma is rippin around the woods. With recent restrictions on wilderness areas from the forest service has pushed wilderness goers out into regular forest land. Also areas of BLM that I used to shoot on has been taken over by squatters living out of RVs. If you find an area you can safely shoot cherish it. I tried that Sunriver pit a few weeks back and some idiot was shooting toward the entrance where you drive into it so proceed with caution there.

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