Good reads?

The Army Of The Republic by Stuart Archer Cohen (just finished, awesome!)

Unintended Consequences by John Ross (**** of a read, 3 times and counting)

Dark Rivers Of The Heart by Dean Koontz (read multiple times a fave)

So they're fiction, sometimes a break is nice once in awhile.
Jared Diamond: "Collapse"
This is from the same guy who wrote "Guns, Germs, and Steel". It provides insight on the key internal and external factors that cause civilizations to collapse.

Madison / Hamilton / Jay: "The Federalist Papers"
An oldy but goody, providing insight into our constitution and the founders' thinking on liberty, government, and how the Constitution protects individual rights from the tyranny of government. Pretty enlightening if you compare / contrast the environment of our founders from our own, and how government has grown.

Thomas Homer-Dixon: "The Upside of Down"
While you may or may not believe in peak oil, there are a number of tensions in society that may change our future. This book looks at some issues, and shows how the coming changes may be a good thing; how stronger local communities and more self reliance may result.

Addison Wiggin: "Empire of Debt"
Describes some of the financial pressures in America, how we're mishandling it, and how government will usually make things worse rather than better (with some history). It has helped me understand what is going on, and put me at an uneasy peace that I can only take limited steps to lessen the impact to my family. It may be a bit outdated by now. If you want current info, I can recommend going to the blog sites and .
Alan Greenspan - The Age of Turbulence

Milton & Rose Friedman - Free to Choose

Spigarelli - Crisis Preparedness

Stephen P. Halbrook - The Founders' Second Amendment

Nosler Reloading Guide #5 or #6
Bend -- good recommendations. I just ordered a couple books from Amazon based upon your recommendation for Spigarelli's book, plus some related books.

One more:
Brian Doherty: "Radicals for Capitalism"
I'm only part way through, but it describes some of the history and thinkers behind the Libertarian (which, BTW, is not just about legalizing marijuana -- it's about getting government the heck out of our daily lives) school of thought.
Sci Fi
Robert A. Heinlein-Starship Troopers
Orson Scott Card-Enders Game
Ray Bradbury-The Martian Chronicles

Non Fiction
The Hot Zone-Can't remember the author right now. Steven King called it "The most frightening thing I've ever read."
Blackhawk Down, Killing Pablo-Mark Bowden
For Fiction, I really enjoyed Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series. I listened to them on my iPod. In fact, I have become an audio book junky. I'm constantly listing to audio books. It sure beats the heck out of reading. Can you read a book and load ammo? I didn't think so. Can you read a book and shoot your suppressed .22? Nope.

It probably doesn't hurt that my wife works at the library, where their all FREE. wOOt!!


I'm on The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian by Robert E. Howard. I normally don't care for anthologies, but this is truly good.

"He was quick to laugh, quick and terrible in his wrath. He was a valiant trencherman, and strong drink was a passion and a weakness with him. Naïve as a child in many ways, unfamiliar with the sophistry of civilization, he was naturally intelligent, jealous of his rights, and dangerous as a hungry tiger."


Free Firearms Safety Course (I-1639 Compliant)
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Seattle, WA, USA
Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
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Rimfire Challenge Dec 12th @ DRRC
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