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Good read on gunshot wounds.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by powermad, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. powermad

    powermad Portland Active Member

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    It's at GT and a bit long but has some good stuff to be gleaned from it.

    It's not gospel or the end all of the caliber wars but the observations of an investigator of 16 years.

    Keep in mind that the human body is not a test medium in a controlled environment.
  2. wichaka

    wichaka Wa State Well-Known Member

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    Over the years I've had the chance to attend many autopsies of gunshot victims, and have come away with 2 simple facts;

    1) Shot placement is king.

    2) You can shoot the same bullet into 10 different people, in the same spot, at the same angle and range and get 10 varied results.
  3. pioneer461

    pioneer461 Columbia County, Oregon Active Member

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    +1 :thumbup:​

    Bullets can do strange things. I've seen a lowly 158 gr, round nose lead .38 spl. go through auto glass, through a driver's seat, enter the body near the shoulder blade, bounce around hitting most major organs, and exit through the groin, killing the guy.

    Another time, I saw a guy get shot point blank in the head with a 230 gr, fmj .45 acp. The bullet penetrated the scalp, deflected on the skull, traveled around the outside of the skull and exit the opposite side of his head. The guy had a bad headache but walked away from it.

    I've seen .22 lr bullets hit a head and scramble the brains, dropping the guy where he stood.

    One heroin addict I knew was hit in the 10X ring by a police .357 mag. HP, disintegrating his heart and exiting his back, but he was still able to run about a hundred yards before he dropped.

    Another police shooting had a load of buckshot smash through a rear car window, and only one pellet hit the guy in the torso after going through the driver's seat, killing him instantly.

    We had an armed robbery suspect take 15 9mm HP rounds while shooting it out with police, and finally gave up after he ran out of ammo.

    Some interesting reading on the topic;


  4. ajf1

    ajf1 beaverton Member

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    Pretty good reads here thanks
  5. SKN

    SKN Keizer, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I'm wondering how we managed to have been at the same crime scene (CA LEO, 1973-1999) with that guy struck in the head with a .45 and not noticed each other as, one of us had to have been in the wrong jurisdiction! ;)