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Good gas masks, school me

I'm at the age where I have plenty of guns and ammo. Now I'm reaching out to gas masks and night vision. I do not know the first thing about gas masks other than I have my old tanker mask from the early 90's in a dufflebag. Probably no idea where to get a filter and its the one that plugs into the equipment and the tube goes into a bag. I wants a few masks and filters. What are the good ones that wont break the bank, and oh yeah, I wear glasses so that's important to know.


Depends on your budget. Be sure the mask uses the 40mm Nato Filter.

A popular option is the Israeli civilian gas mask.

I have the German M65 and like it... but I hear it has seal issues for those with narrower "English" faces.

Try to buy new, but if not possible pick one up from a reputable dealer. Inspect the mask for any cracks, leaks, and proper seal.

You won't be able to wear any glasses while wearing a gas mask. You can purchase prescription inserts for the mask.


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Wait until this virus debacle is over, your not going to find anything worthwhile at a reasonable price anywhere currently.

Pretty much anything that uses screw in cartridge type filters. NATO stuff.

Also, as an aside, not really worthwhile either. Unless you & yours are setup as a standalone self sufficient homestead / mutual assistance type system.

Think about the reasons why you, as individuals would have to utilize full on MOP gear...not reasonable/worthwhile.

Whereas the reasons to use far simpler personal protection would be worthwhile. Volcanic ash/dust vs CBN agents. One you readily could see & address, while the others you would have ZERO idea about the incident...


3m 3800 is what I consider the best civilian type model. Not cheap. Worth every penny.


Can cv enter your ear canal then progress far past the Eustachian tube and finally into your brain?

Ah, probably no harm with this minor organ.

Ear plugs 'might' be in order though, I'm not sure, but it's gonna be even more difficult to drive and text...oh yeah, wearing gloves is also a must, so there's that to consider...

This new world is a doozy ain't it?


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