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    I found a pretty good deal on AR barrels last night. I’ve been looking for an 8” or 8.5” .223 barrel because I put a 7” free float tube on my 7.5” pistol & there isn’t enough room to install the trim ring. I also have 10.5” .223 pistol so I considered buying a 10.5” barrel & having it cut & threaded but by the time it was done I’d be out $175.

    8” .300 Blackout barrels are common & I considered that but it’d require a new muzzle brake – 5/8”–24 vs. my current ½”-28. I stumbled across an ad on Armslist & was shocked but pleased to find 8.5” .223 barrels. I’d searched the ‘net for hours over the last two weeks but couldn’t find anyone who made them.

    I contacted the seller last night & we talked for a while. He appears to be an honest guy and sent me a photo of the USPS receipt with the tracking number on it a couple of hours ago. I bought three 8.5” barrels & two micro gas blocks for $235 shipped via Priority Mail. He said the parts are made by DC Machine for PSA, CMMG, Freedom Arms & other companies who put their names on them. Google ‘DC Machine barrels’ & you’ll find their 2015 catalog & various postings. I thought this was a good deal & figured maybe someone else could benefit as well. I paid via discrete PP but he'll take a money order as well.

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