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    City Councilwoman disbands entire city police force after she's arrested with a gun with the serial numbers filed off

    Could a councilwoman do that? Wait, Just a headline, Story:
    "Members of the Wellston, Missouri city council voted to completely disband the city’s police department this week only hours after a councilwoman was arrested on illegal firearms charges."

    Are they good cops doing the job in the face of difficult circumstances
    Or, bad cops harassing this poor council woman?

    If you make a gun without serial numbers that is one thing. If you file them off....bad, very bad.
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    Hm - dirty city government doesn't like it when their deeds are exposed. Funny how this woman jumped to make racist claims of racism and lied about things the arresting officer in her son's case said and did. Racism is alive and well and it ain't just the old white men who are racist.

    I think the city, if the citizens are worth a damn, needs to vote to disband their city government and reform it, or disincorporate and annex into another city. They probably didn't think about their actions - if they get rid of the local po po, whom they obviously had control over, now they're at the mercy of the county and state po po who probably don't give two thin sharts about the politicians or their connections. Her son will get jacked up, who knows maybe he'll do something to get shot by the sheriffs, and there's nothing she can do about it. They should've slapped her with making a false report when she sought the "protection order" against the cop, since it was proven that she lied in her attempt to get it. Perjury.
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    When the "law" becomes lawless... you tuck the sociopaths into a dirt nap. o_O
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