Gonzaga Students to be Expelled for Defending their lives in School Housing with Gun

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by 4Freedom, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Students face possible expulsion after fending off intruder with gun - CNN.com

    Wow, even liberal CNN seems to be siding with the students on this one, interesting.

    I think if the students are expelled the school should be sued for endangering the lives of the students and be forced to pay a huge lump of money.. Anyone else believe a lawsuit , for school security failing to protect the student is feasible?

    Articles like this just piss me off about the injustice in this coutnry, especially against our kids, who are helpless and forced to be disarmed so they can be easy prey in the "gun free zones" for crazy people and criminals. If anything, I think our government and school system's unconstitutional policy is responsible for the deaths of most the students in these shootings , campus murders, rapes and robberies.

    I guess Gonzaga is a private university, but if any government money was given to fund this school and its programs, as well as any public universities are receiving my tax money to pay for the school, I would say they are being funded by the citizens and have no right to impose their own regulations that circumvent the Constitution. Public Universities, especially, are not privately owned, but owned by the tax payers, so the laws of the land should decide school policy, especially in college, not a group of college board members/governing body in a room, who do not have the safety of our students as their priority, but rather fulfilling their agenda of control and regulating their subjects (the student body). We already have laws in place, a university should not be able to overstep those boundaries.. Does anyone remember when they use to barricade certain students based on skin color, religion, etc?

    As I was saying, by the school failing to protect the students on school property, the school should be sued for inadequately protecting the student body. Had these students not have defended themselves with a gun, they could have been killed and who would have been responsible for their deaths? The students were assaulted and attacked by a deranged man on school property and there was no security available to protect the students. The university should be held responsible and be sued for endangering the lives of the students with faulty and/or inadequate security, as well as an insecure student housing building that leaves students vulnerable on school property.

    ANd, of course, the 6-time convicted felon who is prowling the school property is not punished, instead the students are punished:

    I feel like writing a letter to Gonzaga University telling them that they are criminals for putting the lives of our children in danger.. I am hoping incidents like this can be brought to the spotlight. I am happy to see a "liberal" media outlet like CNN, who is actually becoming more sane in the wake of school shootings and questioning the punishing of students for defending themselves with a firearm on School property against dangerous criminals who try to harm them.
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    It seems that Gonzaga is feeling some heat over this one. They have decided not to expel the students but
    to put them on "probation", which the students are rightly protesting. Gonzaga is also reconsidering their
    fire arm policy. The administrators are amongst the crazy people who think not having guns is making the
    kids "safer". Hopefully continued pressure will force them to change it.
  3. Rotty

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    Suspending, Expelling, Prosecuting an actual School Campus HERO is right up the Pop Tart shaped gun/NRA T-Shirt wearing school Sheeple alley. Why should all of the Public schools get all of the anti gun attention. Looks like the Colleges want attention too.

    I thought Colleges taught students to look at the facts rather than ignore the facts. I guess Gonzaga has a different curriculum.
  4. billdeserthills

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    Isn't it crazy that with the high cost of college and the low rate of success college grads have even finding jobs, that parents put up with this bs?
  5. Hook686

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    So much for the often recited motto of, 'Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6'. No one here seems to be adopting that mantra in this incident. Remember, everyone is responsible for their actions, reactions, or inaction. Even if you do not like the rules, or the rulings. Too many seem to promote the constitution, yet object to the rulings hand down by just jurisdictions, and worse yet promise to disregard the rulings.
  6. Grunwald

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    Today's colleges are one of the biggest financial rip offs out there.
    We are living in a world where information is freely available to anyone with access to an internet connection; must be why someone coined the term information age.
    Technology has made almost everything cheaper with 3 huge exceptions: government, healthcare and education.
    The cost of education is ridiculous. It is not as if the laws of mathematics or physics change on annual basis, and I am pretty certain that history is reliability static as well.
    Majority of college courses, especially at the undergraduate level could be pre-programmed and pre-recorded at anytime and then simply played on demand.
    Application of modern technology could drop the cost of a college education down to rates lower than the cost of spring break. Instead what we get is generations of former students so in debt that we might as well call them serf.
    At least the presidents of these universities earn enough to live like modern day aristocrats.
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  7. Modeler

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    They got academic probation. They also reported their guns stolen by campus security :thumbup:
  8. Blitzkrieg

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    I've just spent far less than one year's cost at a fancy college to fully tool up for my new biz
  9. Mark W.

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    The one that chased the bad guy (6 time felony) is over 21 and has his CHL yet the school says he can't have his firearm in his home. That's FUBAR
  10. SomeDude

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    Saw the student interviewed and asked if he would draw his weapon again, and he said he definitely would.
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