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    I got a nice wasr 10 ak47 up for sale or trade! Shoots great!! tapco G2 trigger. threaded barrel! I got extra mags and a lil ammo if I get the right trade. m42boost@gmail.com Email for pics.

    Really looking for a Armalite AR. and got more to throw in if you got one for trade. Or other assault rifles like a mini 14 or 30. also really want a saiga 12 or maybe even a 410. high end pistols like a nice HK with some ammo or something! other quality pistols. nice .357 mag of some kind. nice short barrel extended tube 870 But really open to just about anything if of same or greater value. open to firearm plus cash or ammo or I'd always do multiple firearms! Let me no what you got. Cash price is $900 with one mag filled with ammo. Got many more mags and ammo for the right trade.
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