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    This rifle is in great shape.It has been used but still looks good and shoots very good.Comes with a Simmons 3-9 X 50 scope , 2-10 round mags and 5 boxes of ammo, -5 shells each (see pics for ammo)
    See here for pics and all other guns in album are for sale on here

    Prices are all over for these
    $250 or trades.This will need a multi gun trade.
    Trades I'm seeking
    45c 5 1/2" stainless Vaquero
    Mag Research 6 1/2" 454casul
    6.5 or 6.8 upper 20" barrel
    AR lowers
    G3 clones/cetme sporters
    3rd gen glock 17 or 19
    45-70 rifles 24"+ barrels
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