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    A good little backup piece . Older gun but still in great condition as I traded a officer for it that took great care of it. He put about 10 rounds through it and put it in his safe since he bought it. A few knicks from other guns being taken in and out but just a couple tiny scatches nothing you notice without very close inspection.

    Gun is single action with a light trigger pull with two safetys. Thanks to GFO for letting me know I had that down wrong as a dao. One on the frame and the grip has a safety on the backside that pushes in when you grip the pistol.

    Good little light all metal .380. No plastic junk.

    Trade for good 22 pistols, higher caliber pistol than a .380, nice .22 rifle or a good rifle of a caliber with reasonably priced rounds, shotgun. Pretty open on this guy just want something fun to take out shooting and I have enough .380s that unless I am holding a sig or a colt, or a walther I do not need another.

    Fits perfect in the pocket or inside the waistband it disapears.
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    Thats a single action AMT. The DAO has a longer trigger guard and no backstrap safety. FYI
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