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    WTS FTF in Portland area

    DoubleTap Ammo, 357 Magnum, 125gr Bonded (Speer Gold Dot bullets)

    Have full box of 50-rounds for sale. I recently bought a 357 revolver and ordered this before I decided what bullet weight to shoot. To keep life simple, I want my carry ammo to be factory loaded and the same weight as my re-loads (158gr). Since I don't plan to carry 125gr ammo, this stuff is too expensive to use for plinking.

    I paid $50 ($40 for ammo plus $10 shipping). I'd like $40 for the ammo. Good way to get this hot ammo without having to pay the shipping.

    ***I'll be leaving town on Monday AM and won't return until the following week. If you want the ammo, I'll be availabe on Sunday in the Portland area. On Monday I'll be headed to Joseph. If you live in that direction, I can meet out there too, but timing will be tricky***



    Copied & pasted from DoubleTap website:
    357 Magnum 125gr. Bonded Defense JHP

    This loading makes the .357 Magnum perform like it should!
    Velocity is from a 4" bbl and there is virtually no muzzle flash.
    For those of you who prefer a wheelgun, this might be the most
    effective loading available for defense.
    All orders of 1,000rds. or more still get free shipping! Shipping will still show upon checkout so that you may see your savings, but will be manually removed from your order when it is processed.

    Velocity: 1600fps / 4" Ruger GP-100
    1750fps / 6"bbl S&W 686

    Bullet: Bonded Defense JHP

    Muzzle Energy: 710 ft. lbs.


    Lifted from the DT site:


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