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I have an itchy trigger finger.

That being said, I am going out to English Pit on Saturday morning for a little trigger time. I wish I had more time to just go out into the woods to shoot but time constraints will keep me nearer to town this time. If anybody feels like going, come say hi. I plan on shooting pistols and rifles, so I will be on all the ranges there from about 9am-12pm.

Well, I went down to the Pit this morning for nothing. There was a Hunter's ED class going on and what I believe was a combat focus shooting class on another range. The only range open was the pistol range, so I decided to save my money (and ammo) and come back another time. What a bust!!
I have some stuff to zero in that I would be more then happy to let others shoot. I'm up for a meet during this up coming week, just let me know. I have 2 AK'S that need to be zeroed, as well as my SOCOM2. So I'll have 7.62x39 and .308 as well as my pistol that is in .40

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