WTS OR GMC Chevy BBC 454 parts

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    GMC Chevy BBC 454 parts

    I was going to use these parts for a build but plans have changed. All parts were scavenged from a running engine and are used with unknown mileage but still are very usable.

    • Comp Cam w/stock OEM lifters (in order) Part# 11-207-3 (.510 lift/ 270 duration) Cam does show some wear but still a very usable cam, lobes are not near flat. $75 OBO
    • Crane Aluminum Roller Rockers w/poly locks 1.7 ratio. Rockers do not show a lot of wear. $125 OBO
    • Weiand Action Plus Aluminum Intake Manifold, needs cleaning. $100 OBO
    • Sealed Power Flat Top w/2 valve reliefs Hypereuretic Pistons .60 over w/stock OEM rods. Rods show signs of balancing. $100 OBO
    • No name Chrome Valve Covers in pretty decent condition and very usable. $35 OBO
    • No name Chrome Timing Cover in pretty decent condition and very usable. $15 OBO
    • Stock OEM Oil Pan in usable condition. $15 OBO
    • Stock OEM Harmonic Balancer $20 OBO
    • Stock OEM Flex Plate $20 OBO
    • Stock OEM Push Rods $10 OBO
    Also have a set of OEM round port truck heads that I need to get casting #'s off of and measure the valves.

    All associated bolts for each listed item are available and in a container. I have not seperated and accounted for each bolt and washer for each item yet. Hopefully, I didn't loose one for the part you need.

    No extra charge for any dirt, oil and/or grease on any parts.

    Please feel free to make reasonable offers, if I am off base on listed prices for used parts.

    No pictures yet but can upon request.

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