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    This is a cool little gun that I picked up for training indoors, but I no longer have my g17 so I really do not need this anymore. It is a gas powered airsoft gun that runs off of propane, and it functions exactly like a real glock. These were made by a company called KWA, but due to numerous lawsuits by glock, they are no longer made, so they are pretty rare. They shoot .2 gram 6mm bb's at about 300-325 fps, so it is safe for indoors, and wont break glass. Because these are externally the same dimensions of a glock they fit in all g17 holsters, and feel like the real gun. This gun has HexSights installed For those who have not used these, they are so much better than standard sights. They give a much faster acquisition, and provide faster follow up shots. The sights have not been modded to fit the replica and could be transferred over to any of your glocks if you so desired.
    Price: $250

    Kwa g17
    3x 23 round magazines
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