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Maybe I'm the only one or maybe it's because I may never actually own a glock (I have shot a couple), but I have the hardest time understanding what the model numbers translate too.

I.e. Is a Glock 22 a 9mm compact and a Glock 23 a .40 compact? I have no idea.

I could probably go to glocks site and try to make since of it by looking around but was hoping someone had or knew of a simple formula for such a thing.

I get tired of clicking ads I have no interest in buying just to try and figure out what kind of Glock is being sold.

Thanks for the help or make fun of me a bit, I probably deserve it for being lazy:rolleyes:.
They are in numerical order of their release/patent. The 17 was the 17th Glock patent and the their first pistol, the automatic version is the 18, the compact is the 19, etc...the latest is the 43 and all the number in between.

Here is the break down by caliber and weapon size. Glock products

You lazy bastige.
glock 26!
Once I completely stripped down my Glock, I was amazed at the elegant design and simplicity of the mechanics. It really is a nice weapon and I've been having a blast polishing all of the internals this week.
Once I completely stripped down my Glock, I was amazed at the elegant design and simplicity of the mechanics. It really is a nice weapon and I've been having a blast polishing all of the internals this week.

You are getting old :D
But seriously come over to the house and I'll let you polish mine for no charge :)
For as much as some knock'em, I lik'em. To each their own.
I have a 19, 21, 26 and 30. And maybe get a 23.
The 21 (1st Glock) and 30 (2nd) I like both. Then when I got the 19 (3rd), I liked the better fit for concealment. Then come the 26 (4th). Slimmer, and I can carry more concealed during the warmer climates. A little smaller to put in the pocket if need be.
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Started with a 36, traded that and got a 30s, and now own a 21sf, 19, 26, 42 and 43.
I guess that means I like them. I still have to go to the chart sometimes when a model number is mentioned, I don't know them all.
Glock folders.JPG
A picture of my glock folders
first by caliber, then model


37, 38, 39...the lamest, most useless Glocks.

I sure wish the G40 was a 22lr model. Then 22 would be in 40...and the 40 would be in 22. Oh well.

The only trick is just memorizing the Glock model numbers. I can't figure out Sig's numbering! And the Walthers are annoying with PPJ
and PPT M5 or whatever.
If I came across a full size 9mm at the right price and had the spending money, I would probably try and buy one.

Maybe I'll keep an eye out for @PlayboyPenguin to pimp one out and then sell it - I swear that guy sells used guns for incredible deals every time I see one of his for sale items:cool:.


At the risk of sounding like a fan-boy, I personally think the Glock is one of the finest fighting handguns there is and that the Glock 19 is the perfect package with regards to size, ruggedness, usability, capacity and ergonomics. As a reserve police officer once upon a time, the Glock 22 was the first handgun I ever received any kind of formal training on and was the one that made me a Glock believer. For the price of the gun itself, the sheer availability and the HUGE selection of aftermarket parts and accessories, you just can't beat them!
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G19 is their quintessential piece, I feel.

G30 is their best piece, I feel.

G30 is even more accurate than G21, and easy to drop in 10mm barrel for innawoods carry with smaller package than a G20.

19, 30 (plus 10mm barrel) are the only ones worth owning, to me.

Some SOF and SEALS was using G22s, but now recently confirmed some SEALS are carrying the G19 now. USNSWC says the G19 is good enough for their boys -- good enough to put then in the same inventory selection as their beloved SIG.

All that said, I'm not a big Glock fan -- but I can certainly appreciate them for what they are. Glock fanboys are annoying, but Glock haters are actually more incorrect. Glocks run hard, that's indisputable today.
Sight alignment foundation is hand-gun fit.
What your eye sees every time you present, without adjusting.
Sight alignment doesn't care who made the gun or if it has plastic parts.

I went to the gun shop and asked Mr Hampto about CC type guns.
He let me fondle several models.
With my eyes closed, I raised and pointed, opened my eyes to discover my sight alignment.
Bought a G27 and Taurus 709.

At the range, at 10 feet, at a 12 inch target.
A mag full at the target, aligning each shot.
709 (9mm) was all over the place.
G27 (40SW) almost into the same hole.

I acquired a G26 (9mm) which is the same lower as the G27
G26 group just like the G27
Traded the 709 for a gun safe.

3-gunning with my 1911. Hits the target, runs out of bullets too early.
Got a G22, hits the target, enough bullets to run the stage.

sight alignment.JPG
Well this is the glock confessional thread now I see.
I have had a few 19s and 17s and own a 17 now
Oh and a 34
I had a couple 23s and at least 1 22 but got out of 40s
Had a 36 for MC carry
Had 3 20s.each with a different slide length. Stock,5in barrel and tactical LW slide,6.6in barrel and their longest slide. All gone now
I would like to get a 19 and the long slide 10mm
I have always bought then cause I have never had FTFs except with some reloads I got in a trade. And they fit my hands good,so i can shoot them somewhat accurately
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