WTB OR Glock Lower Parts Kit for Large Frame Receiver (3-Pin) Gen 3 G17, G35, etc.

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    I'm looking to see if anyone has pulled the OEM components from their 3-pin large frame Glock lower and would like to sell the set. I know I can buy a complete set shipped for about $90, but before I do that I wanted to ask around first and see if I can do better than that price. I've got a bare frame and would like to put it back in working order.

    Just to be clear, this is for a Gen 3 Full Size Frame 3-Pin lower. This would be the full size frame used on the G17, G35, etc., NOT the large frame used on the G20/G21 (I know I put 'large frame' in the title, I didn't realize that until I posted).

    Maybe you decided to gut your lower for some better parts. If you have a complete lower parts kit that matches these requirements and can make a deal that's more attractive than what I can buy a set new, let me know.

    I'm in the Portland metro area.

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