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    I just got my wife a G19 Gen4 and I was poking around inside the gun while
    polishing the parts and got thinking I could get one too and have my gen3 G23
    and gen4 G19 and basically have four guns, by swapping the slides, so I would
    have a Gen4 G19 and G23 depending on which slide I put on it.

    Not so fast it turns out. the Gen4s have the dual recoil spring assembly, and
    the end that rests on the barrel is not the same size as gen3 (the other end is
    also larger so I suspect the slide is different as well but have not way to
    test), the gen4 is larger in diameter, so they opened up the frame some to
    accommodate that. So when you put a gen3 G23 slide and spring on the frame the
    spring has room to float and does not stay put on the barrel where it is
    supposed to be. The gen4 slide does not even go on the the gen3 frame.

    So don't go buying a gen4 thinking the interchangeability with other generations
    is full, there are some differences that really are different.

    Just thought I would post this up to save some one from falling into the trap and ending up with just two guns :winkkiss:

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